Welcome to Food for Thoughts! This blog is a place where you will learn how to use food and simple, wholesome ingredients to help keep your anxiety at bay. When you begin to realize anxiety isn’t something you have to deal with and you can heal yourself and your mind in natural ways, you’re on the path to peace and prosperity!

Healthy, simple ingredients are nature’s medications. Foods can heal so many different health issues and ailments and anxiety disorders are no different. Foods for Thoughts is here to share simple, delicious, and anxiety healing recipes designed around the best ingredients that are proven to help anxiety sufferers. But let’s not forget about the healing powers of the cooking process! You can use cooking as a way to channel your energy into something fun and rewarding, not on anxious thoughts and fear that don’t serve you.

I have suffered from anxiety and OCD tendencies ever since I was a young girl and I know exactly how hard it is to break free from any type of anxiety disorder. It’s disheartening and utterly exhausting, but you can change and improve your anxiety just like me! I am here to help you, you are here to help me, and we are ALL here to help each other.

Now, enough of all the chatter! Let’s get started on helping heal your mind, easing your anxiety, in super fun and creative ways 🙂

Begin with looking at Good Foods and Bad Foods to help you distinguish between what you should be eating more of and what should be avoided. Then explore recipes, check out my Other Anxiety Tips, or read more about me and FFT to get a better idea of who I am and what this blog is about!


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